Angel Program

We all dream of a better world, but what are we doing for this world to come to life?

Angel Program

Be a Part of Making a Change

SotF believes that a significant part of winning the game of life and transforming the world into a magnificent place is if all of us together, without distinction of color, race, sex, win the game of life collectively, meaning that all children, in the whole world should have the same rights of safety, health, love, and education.

Every time the world looks like it’s going in the right direction, something happens, and the world goes backward again. Is it because maybe we are leaving society behind?
Maybe we are leaving a child in a part of the world behind?
Maybe we think they are not our problem?

What if all the world’s children grow up with dignity, love, health, and education?

Our Angel Program helps you find a child you would like to sponsor for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years. With the Angel Program, you donate as little as U$100 per month, and you will be helping a child go to school, have three meals a day, have clothes and school supplies, and hope for a beautiful future.

The progress of the child will be presented to you monthly with a letter from the child.

You will be changing their future and ensuring that the planet will be an excellent place for all humankind to live in.
Together we can restore the planet if we understand that a higher conscience of sharing is necessary for this to happen.

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Be an angel
$100 per month or $1200 a year