Make a Real Change in Yours and Someone Else's Life

A 21st Century dream coming to life where all poverty can be transformed into ecological,  healthy living where the land and its inhabitants work together to co-exist.

Take the first step in helping those in need.

Dedicated to meeting challenges within the global community, creating solutions and taking action, Seeds of the Future Foundation can benefit from your generosity.


Donate your time, expertise, and wisdom. Give resources and money, or simply share your ideas and thoughts with us . This alone is the first step in helping those in need. Let’s get creative and make change happen together!

We want to raise funds in order to plant trees and build 10 houses to transform the lives of 10 families.

How You Can Help


Your contributions to the village and your donations will go to the expansion and economic focus of the village.


Be one of the volunteers to help build and/ or teach.


Spread the word to help others and our planet! 

Our Mission

To build a self-sustainable LIVING environment within a community dedicated to focusing on the ecosystem through education and recreation of natural resources that the land offers us.

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